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Beaulieu Motor Museum

Beaulieu Motor Museum - The Hampshire Car Museum

There is always much to see and do while in the New Forest and Beaulieu is one of the main areas in the forest and a focal point for many of the larger festivals and events, so it has much to offer everyone at any time during the year.

In fact, areas such as Bucklers Hard, Beaulieu Palace House, and Beaulieu Abbey are all attractions that are found within the Beaulieu area. The Beaulieu area is the absolute quintessential example of an English village. It centres around the High Street, with a Post Office, Primary School, and Village Hall, as well as a Parish Church.

The Beaulieu Motor Museum is an example of a place to enjoy what you see, and to learn as well. In this museum, you can see how motorised transport has developed over the years. You can travel through the years of transport development, learning about it all along the way. The entire history of the transport industry is here waiting for you to discover.

For example, the exhibition "The Art of Citroen" shows nearly nine decades of this marque through design and innovation. You can also see the concept 2CV which was hidden, from the Nazi soldiers, in Paris, during the Second World War. The 2CV was discovered fifty years later, in a factory wall and was completely bricked in for safety and to avoid discovery.

At the Beaulieu Motor Museum, you can also see World Record Breakers, such as Bluebird and Gold Arrow. You can also get up close and personal with cars from many different films, as well as cars from the Formula 1 races.

You can also get a chance to see limousines and family cars, from the 1930s, the 1940s, and the 1950s when a heater was an optional extra. It will truly give you a feel for the quality of cars today that we all take for granted.

It isn't only cars that you will be able to see at the Beaulieu Motor Museum. You can also see motoring eccentricities, like a giant orange on wheels, as well as other vehicles used for commercial or advertising purposes. There are a range of motorbikes and commercial vehicles that are also on display at the museum.

A very popular exhibit is of course the James Bond Experience. This exhibit features many cars and boats from the famous Bond movies. The Lotus Submarine car from "The Spy Who Loved Me" is on display here, as well as the Jaguar KKR Roadster from "Die Another Day".

Not only will you have a chance to look at the actual vehicles, but you'll also be able to find yourself immersed in memorabilia. For instance, you can visit displays such as a 1930s street scene, where you'll see what a typical country garage was like in that era, as well as get a chance to look at the various tools and other memorabilia that comes straight from that era.

There are more than 250 vehicles on display. Some of them are from the very earliest days of motoring in general, from the 1890s. If you've ever been interested in learning where your car originated from, or knowing anything about the history of the transport industry, this museum is a must visit for you.

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