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Caravan Sites

New Forest Caravan Sites - Caravan Sites and Campsites In The Forest

Caravanning is a growing trend in the UK as families both young and old want to have the flexibility that a true caravan holiday can bring and the New Forest caravan sites are designed to cater for both the towed and motor home variety.

Camping out either in tents or caravans is illegal in the forest except in the designated camping and caravan sites. You can try roadside camping if you wish but don't be too surprised if you are asked to move on. You also need to be aware that of site camping is a fineable offence so the golden rule is just don't do it.

The road infrastructure to and around the forest is very good although in the heights of the summer and during summer weekends it can get quite busy so if you have a lengthy journey try and plan your travel so that you arrive earlier or later in the day to avoid the peak traffic times.

One particular thing to be aware of is the chances of going round a blind bend and being confronted by a herd of cows or New Forest ponies as they roam freely around the forest and do not seem to take much notice of the traffic. Although this is one of the charms of the area it can at times be a bit frustrating so It is best to just remain relaxed, and advisable to keep to the speed limit ort below to ensure you have a stress free journey and arrive nice an relaxed.

New Forest campsites and caravan sites (there are 10 in total) have varying amenities to cater for both family groups and those caravanners looking for a full facilities on site, to those who prefer a more tranquil pitch and are happy with minimal or no facilities.

Caravanning site in the forest are shared with the camping fraternity and in the peak season the caravan sits can become quite full so it is best advice to make sure you plan well ahead and book early to avoid disappointment when you arrive.

Full details of all the caravan sites which are run by the Forestry Commission, and where to book can be found on the New Forest Campsites page.

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