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Forestry Commission

Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission is responsible throughout the UK for protecting and expanding the countries woodland and forest areas and making them more valuable for all concerned.

Areas of responsibility include plant health, grants and licenses and research amongst other administrative responsibilities.

In addition the commission overseas the enforcement and changes to the habitat regulations that ere put in place to ensure the safeguarding of European protected species. This currently includes 17 species of bats, the dormouse, the great crested newt, otters, the sand lizard and the smooth snake.

Being a government body it reports directly to the Secretary of state as well as the relevant ministers in England, Scotland and Wales.

The Forestry Commission has it own website which is full of interesting facts and learning resources for those who wish to find out about this or any of the other forests in the UK ranging from fact sheets to pod casts for your MP3 player.

Forestry Commission website http://www.forestry.gov.uk/