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Local Towns & Villages


There a re over 40 major cities, towns and villages in and around the New Forest Country Park area.

Some of them could keep you entertained for literally months whilst others are just forest villages full of local life but with not too much to keep a visitor amused apart from the fantastic scenery and quaint cottages of course.

Fantastic news, if you are really after a secluded and totally peaceful holiday or break though.

We have tried to give a fair overview of all of them and will be updating information on an ongoing basis if appropriate.

Some of the villages are quite tiny so there may not be too much information on the pages, however if there is information you would like to add to your local page that is relevant for visitors, or you have visited a village and would like to make a comment about it we would be delighted to hear from you.

All you need to do is send it on an e-mail to enquiries@newforestguides.com and we will add it to the relevant page subject to editorial approval of course.