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Monkey World

Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre - An Excellent Day Out For All The Family

Not quite in the New Forest but in the neighbouring county of Dorset closer to Bournemouth and Poole. You can find the absolutely delightful Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre.

It is hard enough whilst on holiday to try to think all the time what will keep the children happy, and options may run out after the beach, water parks, and museums. Beautiful, not for the little people, though.

So the choice to go and see animals, especially monkeys, even adults themselves can't resist. There is a load to see and do at Monkey world, a good idea to make it a full day's activity.

or those of us who are monkey lovers, which probably puts adults and children in the same category, monkey world is a truly fabulous place. The sanctuary lies in 65 acres of woodland, and has over a 150 primates. They offer a permanent and loving home to these chimps some of whom have been abused on Spanish beaches.

The sanctuary also works in conjunction with governments all over the world to stop illegal smuggling of apes and monkeys. The sanctuary was opened in 1987 by Jim and Alison Cronin. Sadly, in 2007, Jim passed away, but his wife continues to carry on the legacy they started.

At Monkey world, under strict, careful supervision, the main object is to rehabilitate the chimps to form large social groups again. The female chimps though are kept on birth control to keep the population down and in control.

As these chimps are now safe, there are still many other chimps that also need rescuing and that is why the rescued chimps are not allowed to breed.

There is also a lot work going on to try to stop the smuggling of gibbons and orang-utans around the world and Monkey world is currently working with a rescue centre in Asia to achieve this goal. Sadly, due to the condition that some of the monkeys and chimps are found, there is on site a hospital and operating theatre for examinations and operations. All of the staff are experts on the health and rehabilitation of these beautiful primates.

There are a number of different groups of chimps at Monkey World and it is possible to go and have a look at them all (they each have different names). In one group for example Hananya is the dominant male. He is a really handsome chap although unfortunately, his life didn't start out too well when he was smuggled into Israel to be used illegally in the pet trade. Even through this terrible start, he still has a very nice character.

veline belongs in Hananya's group. She was rescued from a Dutch laboratory where she had been kept in a small cage. Thankfully, she had never been experimented on and she loves to play outside with Honey. Then there is Peggy who was used as a photographers prop in Spain. When captured, she had little confidence but with the love and attention she has received at Monkey world, she has gained a lot of confidence back. Peggy is now one of the dominant females, which is great considering how life was in the beginning. There are many other groups as well.

Whilst walking around Monkey world, there are lots of other animals to see plus adventure play area, shops, toilet facilities for the disabled as well, and a baby room.

If you are really keen to help in the conservation of the species and the rescue of others not so fortunate then Why not adopt an animal at the adoption centre? Every little really helps.
All in all a really great day out can be had for all the family no matter what there ages.

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