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New Forest Photos

The New Forest has a stunning beauty all of its own and provides an absolute plethora of photo opportunities for photographers both at a professional and amateur level, as well as some outstanding landscapes that can be captured by photo hobbyists and even casual visitors using the humble point and click digital camera's.

The best shots invariably though come through planning (and an occasional bit of luck) and are further enhance by the photographer having the right equipment with which to capture the best images.


Many go further than that however and have the dedication and enthusiam to get up at the crack of dawn (and sometimes earlier) so they can be in the right spot to catch the sun rising through the trees filtering the natural sunlight through the leaves and branches for example.

Or even to get that close up shot of a stag deer early in the morning when the mist and dew seems to have settled like a blanket on the forest floor.


One of these local and dedicated photographers is Justin Kercher who has kindly shared some of his new forest nature photography prints so that visitors can get a real idea about the beauty of the New Forest.

There is a sample gallery below with some
low resolution examples of Justin's work or if you need some high resolution photography click on the link to visit Justin's own nature photography website.