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New Forest Walks

New Forest Walks - Walking In The New Forest National Park

The National Park offers something for everyone. Whether you want to see it from its miles and miles of trails on cycling trips and New Forest Walks, boat rides along the coastline, or perhaps just to visit some of the many museums and historic sites located within The national park boundaries, no visitor will be disappointed. The only let down is that one has to go home sooner or later!

The national park is vast and has 134 car parks that are open from March to November, so there are plenty of places scattered around in which to stop and go for an impromptu stroll or picnic.

There are also many guided tours walking tours are available to help you make the most of your experience here. While one can drive through many parts of the forest, you will then miss out on some of the striking natural beauty to be seen whilst on one of the ranger-guided walks, or even horseback or bicycle tours if you prefer.

Expert guides can inform you about the natural marvels of the park, with walking tours given by wildlife experts, geologists and more throughout the year. No matter when you plan to take a holiday, there is always something to see, as events seem to happen somewhere in the park every single day of the year!

If you'd prefer some history along with your scenery and walk, the forest can offer that as well. Besides the abundance of museums located throughout the park, there are many historical homes and villages to visit during your stay in the area. Bucklers Hard, where Admiral Nelson's fleet was built is just one of these places. Lyndhurst, which serves as the gateway to the forest is well worth a visit in its own right.

The visitors centre has information and ideas for travellers visiting the park, and the town itself is where Alice Lidell, inspiration for Alice in Wonderland lived. With the forest's many miles of coastline and rivers, there are many aquatic attractions to be seen as well. Water sports such as kayaking may be enjoyed, along with boat trips from which one can see many historical sites.

The wildlife lover can quite literally have a field day walking around the park. Its status as a wildlife preserve means that there are many animal species here to be observed in their natural habitats. One of the best way to observe them is on one of the multitude of walks, whether guided or solitary in nature.

Deer are in abundance here as well, as are all manner of birds, frogs and reptiles. At dusk, bats may be seen as they emerge for the evening. If reptiles are your thing, the forest has a Reptile Centre which is certain to both educate and delight children of all ages.

From fresh air to wildlife, from field and forest to coast, the national park has a lot to offer the entire family on holiday. The only problem is deciding what to see first on your visit to this place of natural and historic wonders.

Whilst not actually a forest walk a trip to Exbury Gardens is a really rewarding experience. Situated in over 200 acres you can walk along the miles of pathways until your hearts content.

A list of common New Forest walks and picnic areas is included above if you prefer to do your own thing but don't want to stray of the beaten tracks, or for the most adventurous then simply go on a walk where the mood takes you, but be sure to be armed with a map.

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